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in recent years China is the world big export of ERW steel pipe country
On the other hand, in February CPI has a growth of 3.2% year-on-year .However, with ERW steel pipe generally 2013-07-08
Knowledge of welded pipe
Welded steel pipe is also called welded pipe and it is steel pipe after curling and welding of steel plate or 2013-06-29
What Are the Differences between Steel Materials ?
The concept of steel: steel ingot billet and steel are made by pressure of various shapes2013-06-28
Knowledge of angle steel
ngle is built with carbon structural steel and it is a simple section steel2013-06-25
Measures for the preventing of decarburization on the surface of steel products
Welding knowledge of oil and gas pipeline
Spiral submerged arc welded pipe
Introduction for commonly used steel - spiral submerged arc welded steel2013-06-18
Classification standard of waterway construction pipe
Most of the old house use galvanized pipe and now pipes used in gas and heating are galvanized pipe2013-06-17
Introduction for the standard of welded steel product
Welded pipe commonly used materials are2013-06-14
Analysis of Safety and economy of the selection of steel pipe
Structure types of steel pipe used in practical projects2013-06-13
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